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Ruth Hampton
Tribal InFusion 
Seattle, Washington
Paulette Rees-Denis
Director Gypsy Caravan
Portland, Oregon 


Building on the the relationships made during her USA training, Alaine is delighted to advise the successful Dance Exchange held in June 2003 will be further expanded! 

We Aussies have traditionally trained with 'the best' and are standards are very high!  We are accustomed to travelling overseas and interstate to receive the best dance training and we are also accustomed to supporting visits by high profile 'experts' in their respective MED fields.  It is a measure of the regard with which our training and performance skills are held that many Australia dancers are consistently invited to teach and perform overseas in Egypt, Turkey, Asia and the USA.   We know the value of direct teaching methods. 

American Tribal Style is relatively new to Australia.   Many dance schools have made their first foray into American Tribal Style based on the excellent instructional video series produced and distributed by Fat Chance Belly Dance, Gypsy Caravan and Kajira Djoumana. Whilst acknowledging the value of video learning, it is no substitute for direct learning from a master teacher.  Direct learning also holds they essential keys to the cues and transitions that allow group improvisation to take place! 

To further knowledge of American Tribal Style, Gypsy Trail is committed to bringing ATS to Western Australian dance students.  The Tribal Style Dance Exchange Series has been developed to raise awareness of ATS and in particular, the group improvisational style that makes it so unique. 

The positive feedback from students when Gypsy Trail classes introduced  US ‘tribal sister’ Ruth Hampton of Seattle, Washington in June 2003, showed a great appreciation of the value of direct teaching from those performing ATS in the USA.  To re-cap, Ruth danced in the Gypsy Caravan style with Shaia and Tribal InFusion,  based in Seattle. As well as learning our FCBD-style moves, Ruth demonstrated some of us the techniques, movement variations, formations and leadership changes specific to the Gypsy Caravan style. This 'dance exchange' was important for all of us. It increased our knowledge of the different ways that ATS is interpreted and performed by ATS tribes and demonstrated the common steps and cues developed at FCBD that allow us all to dance together no matter what our dance geneology and influences. 

The big news is the visit of Paulette Rees-Denis, Director of the famous Gypsy Caravan, scheduled for an Australian visit in March 2004. Gypsy Trail is co-ordinating this Australian tour and sponsoring the Perth 'leg'.  Paulette will be kicking up her Australian Tour in Perth on the weekend of the 7th March 2004.

For more information on this dance exchange, contact Alaine on 

For more information on Paulette's Australian workshops check out the Events page. For Paulette's dance curriculum vitae check out the articles page (most impressive!).


Alaine holds a Diploma in Make Up Design and Technology and has also studied costume and make up at the WA Academy of Performing Arts as a 'not for degree unit'. For ten years years she has regularly trained make up production teams for theatrical productions, Channel Seven’s Telethon and the Channel Seven Christmas Pageant. She has also contributed articles on Stage Makeup to Belly Dance Oasis Magazine and Discover (Bellydance).com 
These professional workshops introduce you to the fundamentals of lighting, colour, performance space and audience impact for stage and television make up. You will learn what makes stage make up different from day and evening make up – and why it is different. You will also pick up plenty of professional hints and tips to help ensure a foolproof application for a lasting result. 
Participants are required to bring:  the makeup you use for performance, brushes, latex sponge applicator, tissues and cotton buds. 

Upcoming Stage Make Up Workshops:

November 2003: Khaleegy Group at Sheik to Sheik
January 2004: Studio Babylon and Mystique.

Contact Alaine for details on or on tel: 0411 261224.


Level One: Beginning ATS now in Two convenient locations: (see details *below)

Saturday Morning* 9.30-11am and  Thursday Evening** 7.45-9.15pm. 

This is the definitive foundation ATS class!  Taught by Western Australia's foremost and only USA trained international ATS teacher and performer Alaine Haddon-Casey.  

You will be introduced to American Tribal Style philosophy and movement as taught to Alaine by her teachers at the Fat Chance Belly Dance Studio in San Francisco during her 2003 and 2004 ATS study tour.  This class is focussed on ATS technique, and the distinctive ATS dance posture and foundation movements.  Participants receive class handouts on various aspects of ATS including dance, zills, costuming and music and have the opportunity to view ATS performance videos.

The beginning ATS student will receive an holistic perspective to this awe-inspiring form of dance and if interested, will be able to progress their ATS studies in Level Two.

*Saturday: 9.30-11am Bashirah Belly Dance Academy, 290 Victoria Rd Malaga(near cnr of Reid Hwy and Alexander Drive).

Cost: $15 casual class. Discounts apply to students participating in other Bashirah Classes and those who are paying for a term in advance.
Contact: Trish  on 9342 9980 or 0402 116841 or Alaine on 0411 261 224
**Thursday 7.45-9-15pm at Studio Babylon, Gildercliffe St Scarborough(off Scarborough Beach Rd)
Cost:  $85 for 8 weeks (early bird discount of $10 ). Drop-in's and casual $15 per class
Contact: Renate 9246 9027  or  0402 243 504   email: or Alaine 
on 0411 261 224,
Please note: drop-in's welcome. A courtesy call to Alaine on 0411 261224 is all that is required. 

Tuesday 7-8.30pm ATS Level Two-Intermediate with Alaine Haddon-Casey

Working on the techique and movements learnt in Level One, the Level Two- Intermediate class builds on your learning, intoducing cues and transitions and most exciting of all, intoduces the student to group improvisational dance; the foundation and hallmark of ATS.
Classes held at Bashirah Belly Dance Academy, 290 Victoria Rd Malaga (near cnr of Reid Hwy and Alexander Drive).Contact Alaine on 0411 261224 or via email:
Cost is $15 casual class. Discounts apply to students participating in other Bashirah and Gypsy Trail Classes and those who are paying for a term in advance.
Contact Trish  on 9342 9980 or 0402 116841 or Alaine on 0411 261 224.

Tuesday 8.30-9.30pm Level Three: Intermediate-Performance with Alaine Haddon-Casey.
This class takes you to the next level. Incorporating drills, duo and trio work it builds on your knowledge of transitions, cues and technique to bring you to the performance level required for group improvisation.  This class incorporates movements from a number of USA-based tribal dance companies in addition to the definitive and beloved Fat Chance Belly Dance moves.  This class also incorporates music study and will provide the skilled dancer with variety of movement and opportunities for performance.

This class is by teachers invitation although it is generally the case that Level Two students who have mastered Level Two will access this class in addition to their Level Two class. 
Cost: Discounts apply to Level Two students.  Please contact Alaine for details on 0411 261224.

Classes held at Bashirah Belly Dance Academy, 290 Victoria Rd Malaga (near cnr of Reid Hwy and Alexander Drive)
Contact  Alaine on 0411 261 224.

Saturday 3.30 - 4.20pm Level Four: 'Tribe Time' with Alaine Haddon-Casey

This class is open to all Tribe members and those ATS L2 & 3 students who have demonstrated sound progress in in Level Three and who aspire to dance with a Tribe.  This fast-paced class builds on the movements and technique, cues, transitions and formations mastered in the preceedings levels and builds on technique and well timed formations for an awe-inspiring and seamless performance.

This class is by invitation by the teacher.

Classes held at Bashirah Belly Dance Academy, 290 Victoria Rd Malaga (near cnr of Reid Hwy and Alexander Drive).Contact Alaine on 0411 261224 or via email:

Cost  Significant discounts apply to existing Gypsy Trail students and Diaspora, West Coast Urban and Bablyon Tribe members.
Contact  Alaine on 0411 261 224.



The November SnB is scheduled for 30 November 2003. This SnB is specifically for Babylon ATS students. Please check studio notices or contact Alaine for details.

***See the gallery for pics***


Contemporary Jewellery

Jeanette's 'store' in the foyer of the studio is also freshly stocked with more contemporary tribal style pieces that are perfect for adding to your head wrap or tribal belt. Check out the $1 tassel basket! Note: **Just arrived! New mirrored cotton headwraps available for summer!**

Vintage Kuchi Jewellery and other tribal pieces: 
Contact Alaine on 0411 261224 for details

CHOLI'S  velvet  and lycra  3/4 sleeve choli's 'Made by Lea' now available in the studio. Large, medium and small. $22 velvet, $30 - $35 lyca (choice of lycra and contrasting sleeves). A great addition to your practice and performance wardrobe! For those of you who want to order my favourite Fat Chance Belly Dance and 'Flying Skirts' choli's, please also check out the links page for "Flying Skirts of San Francisco" or the 'Fat Chance Belly Dance' store, or contact Alaine for ordering information.

SKIRTS: New locally made  3 tier tribal skirts made by Helen the Henna Goddess are now available in the studio. For those of you who want to order my favourite 'Flying Skirts' costuming, please also check out the links page for "Flying Skirts of San Francisco" or the 'Fat Chance Belly Dance' store. Please contact Alaine for ordering information.

ZILLS: FCBD tribal style (large) zills as well as regular Turquoise International zills are now available at the studio. Please contact Trish on 9342 9980 or 0402 116841 for further information.

**please note the Fat Chance Belly Dance Mail Order Catalogue is available in the resource area at Bashirah Belly Dance Academy Studio.**


A number of performances have been booked through to 2004.  Details of these events will be provided on the 'Gig List' in the main studio. If you are interested in performing, please put your name on the 'Gig List' under the event you are interested in performing in.  Please ensure that you are fully committed to the peformance you have selected as last minute changes and drop-outs are both unfair and discourteous to your fellow dancers. 

If you are unsure of what is required in Tribe Performances please consult the "ATS Guidelines"   in the main studio. 

  • Members of the Diaspora Tribe who are intending to emerge from the chorus for the first time will need to attend all Tuesday and Saturday classes and rehearsals during the month prior to their 'debut'. 
  • West Coast Urban members will be on sabbatical until March 2005.
  • Karvan (meaning 'raven') Tribe members will be training Mon evening and Wed afternoon.   This is our newest and 'funkiest' tribe and brings a wealth of ATS training and performance dance experience to give a contemporary ATS improvisational performance. welcome!

For more information on classes and workshops contact Alaine on (0411)261224 or via email at