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ATS Dancer: Paulette has found her soul dance in ' bellydance', the tribal style. She has been researching, performing, and reinterpreting the tribal, Gypsy, and folk dances of India, Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, the Middle East, and Spain for 15 years. Her approach to tribal bellydance is the fusion of several styles- urban, folk, ritual and trance- to create a modern and artistic vision yet maintain the feeling of tribe and community within the dance.

Having studied with and performed in the founding days of Fat ChanceBellyDance, she has continued to develop and expand her vision and her teachings of Tribal Bellydance. Excited by the evolution of this modern, yet tribal, bellydance form, Paulette has developed different stylings that are influenced by movements, costuming and music trends.

Paulette also has a 15 year classical dance background that has influenced her dance as well as her teaching skills. Creating a rich blend of dance which is esthetically pleasing, spiritually grounding and physically rewarding, Paulette has been teaching Tribal Style Bellydance in Portland since 1991, maintaining large ongoing weekly classes for both amateur and professional dancers. The classes, taught by Paulette and her small team of personally trained instructors, evoke a feeling of ancient times, of family, of personal freedom, of group spirit and camaraderie. She co-teaches a series of workshops, "Ancient Echoes of Tribal Dance", and "Dance as Ritual", with Patrice Hawkwood Schanck, which integrates the mythology, history, and healing aspects with this dance.

International Teacher: She teaches around the globe, bringing the dance community together as a whole, and combining structured dance skills with artistic expression.

Having brought Tribal Bellydance to the Pacific Northwest, Paulette continues to enrich the dance community in a variety of ways. In 2000, she opened her own dance studio, Caravan Studio, a community center for dancers and musicians.

Author & Publisher, Musician and Vendor:

She publishes a quarterly journal (since 1998), "Caravan Trails" because she feels that tribal dancers have a lot to say about their dance, their spirit, and their lives. She collaborates on a regular basis with poets, storytellers, musicians and actors, to create multi-media dance and theater productions. In her commitment to teaching her students and educating the community at large about tribal bellydance, Paulette organizes a variety of workshops and performances with nationally recognized dancers.

She is the founder/ director of three tribal bellydance troupes, the Gypsy Caravan, a troupe of dancers and musicians-that has been performing in the Northwest since 1991, Sister Caravan-a troupe of semi-professional dancers performing since 1996, and Caravan Daughters - the newest student troupe. With them, she has produced several musical cassettes, CD's, and award winning videos.

Additionally, Paulette trades in ethnic jewelry, costumes, and musical recordings. With a BFA in Photography from the San Francisco Art Institute she has self-published her first book of photographs, and exhibits her art nationally as well as being published in various books and magazines. She has experience as a licensed massage therapist and other healing methods which enhance her dance teaching.

Curriculum Vitae of:


Classes in all levels, from amateur to professional dancers, taught by Paulette (or her personally trained instructors), at Caravan Studio, and at Body Moves Studio, in Portland, Oregon, USA since 1991.

Extended classes-(with Patrice Hawkwood Schanck)
Ancient Echoes of Tribal Dance, parts 1 and 2 - 4/92 to present
Dance As Ritual, parts 1 and 2 - 1/95 to present

WORKSHOPS: Tribal Bellydance Workshops-

WORKSHOPS Tribal Bellydance Workshops- Tribal Quest NorthWest-Portland, OR-8/02, 8/03; England & Scotland, April, May 2003; Lafayette, LA, 10/03, 10/02; AZ- 2/03; Manitoba, Canada 5/02: Meeting of the Tribes-Hollywood, FL. 3/02, 3/01; Corona, CA 1/02, 1/03: Summer Caravan-Oakland, CA 7/01; England- 6/01, 6/00; American Tribal Festival-Sepastopol, CA- 5/01, 5/03, 5/04; Rakkasah West, 3/01; Sacramento, CA 11/00; MEDA-New Orleans, LA 10/00; North Carolina 8/00, Idaho 8/00; WOMAD-Seattle, WA, 6/00; Jareeda Magazine-Canyonville, OR- 10/99; Zaghareet Magazine-Virginia Beach, VA 10/97; Eugene, OR 9/97; Ashland, OR- 9/96; Salem Bellydance Guild- 4/01, 7/96;

Ongoing workshops in Seattle, WA- Nov. 1998- Spring ; 2003 Women of Wisdom Foundation - Seattle , WA, 2/00, 2//01,(with P. H. Schanck), Breitenbush Hot Springs, Detroit, OR- 9/94, 4/95, 4/96, 4/97, 4/98, 4/99, 4/00, 10/00, 4/01, 4/02, 4/03, 4/04 (with Patrice Hawkwood Schanck)3rd Annual Women's Conference-Clark College, Vancouver, WA-Sacred Pleasure: Dance, Stories, and
Meditation- 2/99, 2/00 (with P. H. Schanck)French/American School, Portland, OR- 10/99, 10/00Vancouver High School for the Performing Arts, Vancouver, WA-

Conducted Master Classes: 4/98Reed College, Portland, OR -1/98, 1/95 (with P. H. Schanck)Weekend Dance Festival with Jareeda Magazine, OR- 9/97, 9/96, 9/95(with P. H. Schanck)DaVinci Middle School-a Magnet School for the Arts-12/96, (with P.H. Schanck)Newport Beach Women's Retreat-Newport, OR-10/96,(with P. H. Schanck)Mt. Hood Community College, Gresham, OR -5/96Portland Community College, Sylvania Campus, Portland, OR -4/96, (with P.H.Schanck

Sahda- Canada, "A Troupe of One's Own", Jan. 2002
Zaghareet Magazine- "Featured Dancer", by P. Rees-Denis, Sept. '97
Caravan Trails- a quarterly tribal bellydance journal- est’d '98- Published by P. Rees-Denis

BIBLIOGRAPHY-reviews, etc:
Willamette Week-July 2003, Nov. '94; Skin and Ink, 2002; Sahda. 2002,
Hollywood Star-March. 2001,
Nervy Girl Magazine-Feb. 2001,
Miami Herald-March, 2001,
Oregonian-December, 2000, Jan.'94, Sept. '93;
Mosaic Magazine, August 2000;
Woman's Journal- May 1999;
Zaghareet Magazine- September 2000, May, '99, Jan. '98 Oct. '97, June '97;
Habibi Magazine-Vol. 16 ,2 ;
PDXS- June '95;
Blue Stocking- Oct. '93;
Jareeda- July '97, June

"Initiation"- a two-award winning mythic music and dance multi-media extravaganza- Portland, OR-6/98 :
"the turning"- a music and dance mythic tale, award winning, Portland, OR 12/96-1/97
"Trails of Time-a dance journey"-special dance and music performance about the Gypsies migration with nationally known guest dancers and musicians-Portland, OR 5/97

VIDEO RELEASES produced by Paulette Rees-Denis,written by Patrice Hawkwood Schanck
"Initiation"-1998, a music and dance mythic production
"the turning"-'97, a music and dance mythic production with Paulette Rees-Denis/the Gypsy Caravan
"Caravan Trails"-a compilation video of live performances and interviews-'98 "Tribal Technique, Vol. 4"- an instructional video, 2002
"Tribal Technique, Vol. 3"- an instructional video, 2002
"Tribal Technique, Vol. 2"- an instructional video, 2000
"Tribal Technique, Vol. 1"- an instructional video, 1997
"Gypsy Caravan, Vol. 1", live performance-'93

MUSIC RELEASES with Paulette Rees-Denis and the Gypsy Caravan
CD: "Quest", Fall 2003
"Kabila Project":compilation, 2003; "Awakening"- 2002,
"Live From Berbati's and Key Largo"-2001,
"Caravan Rhythms"- 2001
"Migration"- 1999

"Caravan Rhythms"-'97;
"Live at Key Largo"-'96;
"Live at Berbati"-

Highlights: the Gypsy Caravan dance troupe, directed by Paulette Rees-Denis New Orleans- Lazarus Project Benefit for AIDS,
Halloween Parade, 10/00, 10/02, 10/03
WOMAD-Peter Gabriel's World of Music and Dance Festival, Seattle, WA 2000
Meeting of the Tribes- Hollywood, Florida, 2/01, 2/02
Rakkasah West-3/00, 3/01, 3/02, Richmond, CA
Teatro Zinzanni- 12/00- Seattle, WA
Art In the Pearl- 9/99, '00, '01, '03- Portland, OR
Folklife Festival- 5/99, 5/01, 5/03- Seattle, WA
Bumbershoot '94, '95, '98(Gala Art Opening Event), '99, 2000, '02-Seattle, WA
"Splendors of Egypt"Art Opening- '98, Portland Art Museum
Benefit for Cascade Aids Project '97- Portland Art Museum(with Saks 5th Ave.)
Paideia Festival, Reed College- '93, '98
NXNW Music Festival-'95, '96 ,
Rose Festival 1994--2002 -Portland Oregon
Country Fair '92, '93, '94, '96, '03-Eugene
International Festival '93, '94, '95, '96- Portland State University
Artquake '93, '94, '95-Portland ,
United Nations of Portland Folkfest '93, '94, '95, University of Portland, Portland Art Museum-film and lecture series- '93, '94
Oregon State Fair '92, '93, '94- Salem

Paulette also directs two other troupes-"Sister Caravan"- since 1996; "Caravan
Daughters” since 2002

"Best Troupe:- 2002, 2003 , Zaghareet Magazine Golden Belly Awards
"Favorite Musicians"- 2003, Zaghareet Magazine Golden Belly Awards
"Initiation"-IAMED -"Best Entertainment" video-1999
Giza Academy Awards -San Francisco, CA- 12/98
"Best Troupe" and "Best Choreography for the Camera"
"the turning"- video- Giza Academy Awards -San Francisco, CA-
"Best Group Choreography"-1997
Awards of Middle Eastern Dance- "Best Entertainment Video",
"Live at Key Largo"-music cassette- nominated-1997 Awards of Middle Eastern Dance-"Best Music"