Director and Head Teacher: Alaine Haddon-Casey

Photo credit: Susan Storm

Bellydance is thought to be the world’s most ancient dance. Tribal Style is a dance of women, by women, among women. This is the way women danced in their villages and tribal communities. This is the way we dance.

The Tribal Style philosophy is based on the unique strength of the tribe as a collective as well as the individual strengths of its members. There is no place for competitiveness in the Tribal community as each dancer is encouraged to find the movements that best suit her body and personality. If you’re shy - that’s ok. If you love the spotlight, that’s ok too. There’s a place for everyone in the tribe and when we work together and support each other, we make our dance space a safe, empowering and fun place to be.

Tribal Style requires respect for each other, no matter what the level of skill of you or your fellow dancers. This attitude of respect and support is more important than technique. Technique can be taught!

It is not sequined or flirtatious. It reveals only the midriff, face and lower arms and relies for its impact on precision, group ‘mind’ and attitude in its presentation. In comparison to many other forms of Bellydance, it’s quite modest in its costuming and strong in its movements. Even the slow movements have a hypnotic quality that mesmerises audiences and dancers alike.

An attitude of fun, acceptance and friendship ensures the essential connectness and smiling interaction between the dancers as they learn the movements and discover the joy of the dance.

“Tribal Bellydance attracts all types of women - from the hip to the conservative, from tomboys to women in their 40's; young women to grandmothers, pregnant women and women who want to increase their flexibility and strength in a gentle way and have fun at the same time!

It’s great to see students become more and more comfortable with their bodies; improving their posture, and laughing as they learn these movements so alien to our constrained Western way of moving through the urban world.

And then they start to blossom. Comfortable in their own skin; stronger and more flexible as they find the specific movements that suit their body and personality.

And best of all, I get to see the transformation in the way they carry themselves, the attitude in their faces and when they dance, their bodies say, "I am strong and beautiful just the way I am!"’
(Alaine Haddon-Casey. ATS teacher)

Alaine Haddon-Casey is the director of Gypsy Trail Tribal Dance Company ®.

Alaine is a member of Ausdance, as well as a member of the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts.

In addition Alaine is a member of the UNESCO International Dance Council.

Alaine is also a trained Safe Dance Practitioner who has delivered workshops on this topic internationally.

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This Tribal Dance Ring site
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