Gypsy Caravan, Portland Oregon

Director, Paulette Rees-Denis

Kajira Djoumana, Director of United We Dance and Black Sheep BellyDance, as well as
being a good friend, Kajira is also the author of the Tribal Bible, and along with Ellen Cruz
is the co-producer of Tribalfest, the American Tribal Dance Festival.  Check out this site for
the latest on TribalFest, great articles and a wonderful gallery.

Fat Chance Belly Dance, San Francisco

Gypsyrain is located in Innisfail,far north Queensland and we dance at our rainforest studio the TEMPLE.
Our format is based on Paulette Rees Denis' Tribal Style, focusing on improvised movements,drawing inspiration from ethnic, folkloric and contempory dance.

Art Of Middle Eastern Dance, By Shira

The leading Middle Eastern community on the web

Zahira's Belly Dance Bazaar

Devyani: American Tribal Style Bellydance

Dancers of the Mystic Sun Tribe.  Karen (kneeling right) of Mystic
Sun was kind enough to take on the role of photographer to
our Aussie performance at TribalFest 03 - thanks again Karen!

Omar Feruk Tekbelik
Home of the great recording artist Omar Feruk Tekbelik

Tribal Belly Dance - The Urban Gypsies!
Tribal Belly Dance in the North of England!  This Tribe really makes an impact in the chilly North

Bellydance by Anthea (Kawakib, Atesh)
If you want heaps of information and dance tips, check out Anthea

Oasis Studio, Perth. Not tribal, but great if you're looking
for an across the board MED experience

Urban Tribal Dance Company
Heather Stants and the award winning Urban Tribal Dance Company. 
This is without doubt the contemporary face of Tribal.  I am always
in awe of Urban's sharp choreography and incredible use of ATS
and contemporary fusion

Zanbaka's site is a visual and vending feast - and home of
Troupe Zenobia.  I love to watch their performances which
almost unfailingly combine great timing + energy + synchronicity

Tribal Where?
This is one of the best articles and resource rich links sites I've come across

An amazingly talented individual (sadly not a tribal dancer - but hey, talent is
talent right?. Little Devi dances, teaches, writes, produces from calenders, diaries
and film and paints and illustrates for a number of magazines! Check out this great
site for more information on her classes in NSW