Gallery 2 (2002-2003)
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Diaspora: Private Function. Wedding Sebel Hotel, Perth October 2003

Backstage: Jane wrestling
with her headwrap
By the pool - all set.
Bring on the wedding guests!
Backstage: Charlotte
lends a hand!

The entrance: escorting the
Bride and Groom to their reception
Circling the Bride and
Groom; a joyeous zaghareet!
Charlotte & Megan
Floorwork: Alaine, Charlotte,
Alaine & Megan

Dancers in Action

Introducing some incredible  young people to ATS in remote Mt Magnet, Western Australia
Skirt courtesy of Flying Skirts of San Francisco. Thanks Gwen!
Alaine and Arabella
Diaspora Tribe: (back) Carol, Leanne,Ana, Gaye, Judith, Charlotte & Jeanette (middle) Alaine (Director) &Margot, front) Megan & Arabella (absent) Trish, Phyllis, Bronwyn, Tracey and Hayley Absent: Michelle
Diaspora's youngest member, 
Photo credit: Susan Storm
Alaine and Pamela. Photo credit: Susan Storm

Urban Tribe at Cafe Istanbul

Urban Tribe members Alaine
and Megan August 03
Urban Tribe: Alaine, Megan
and Charlotte August 03
Urban: September 03
Urban: September 03

Diaspora Tribe: Bashirah Hafla
Cracovia Club July 03


TribalFest 2003" Sebstopol California

Kajira Djoumana, Director
of United We Dance,
Author of the "Tribal Bible"
and Co-producer of TribalFest
Raks El Hamra (now InFusion)
at their booth
United We Dance
Raising the energy levels
Alaine Backstage TribalFest 2003
Dancers of the Mystic Sun
Rachel Brice
Alaine and Trish with
Carolena Nericcio,
Director Fat Chance
BellyDance TribalFest03
Alaine and Trish


"Diaspora Tribe": El Hafla, West Australian Middle Eastern Dance Festival 2003


Stitch 'n Bitch

Carol and Megan cutting out skirts
The right hat makes it go better!

USA: TribalFest2002

Alaine with Carolena Nericcio, 
Director Fat Chance 
BellyDance, San Francisco

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